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Children Reading the Holy Bible


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Pigeon Forge, TN
9am to Noon
Sept. - April


KCE Collaborative

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

We are so excited to share with you what God has birthed in our hearts and now we’re seeing the appearance of what we’ve been praying towards! Christian community for our children! God has been so good in assembling our community through parent lead field trips (and don’t worry that will continue)! We prayed for Christian families to come around us, and he answered our prayers. We prayed for a building to host our community, and God answered our prayers.


We are a school that raises the next generation of spiritual warriors and Kingdom minded children and adults. 


Counter the secular culture in how we teach our children, we emphasize the creative spark God wove into each of us as we set our classes and curriculum for each term. Being a creative arts co-op we strive to bring out the creativity in each child as they learn, do and make relationships and learn who they are to their creator.  Teaching them to see the world through a genesis creation by a loving God, and humanities salvation through Jesus Christ! How to worship our Creator in everything from song, art, friendships, skills and really everything we do! We won’t let the rocks cry out in our place! This is the most important thing we believe we can teach our children in the first 18 years of their life, especially in this day in age. 

We want to foster the desire to find their place in Kingdom work, to serve their Creator, and to learn how to minister to those around them through the Holy Spirit. We are a John 14 and Matthew 5:3-19 calling. Every move we make as a group is prayed through this prayer: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10). We invite you to join us in this mission and be the laborers God uses to do His perfect work.

Our Religious Non-Profit Leaders are:
Kristen Edmundson, Michaela Palaganas, Jenna Sweezey

Our Co-op will be Thursdays from 9am - noon with an additional hour after lunch for electives.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns: / text Kristen @ 865.803.6542 or Michaela @ 865.256.5686


Kingdom Culture Education

Daily Schedule (THURSDAYS):

8:45    Check-In
9:00    Worship / Devotion /   
           Announcements /

9:40    1st Period Starts
10:25   Class Change /

            Snack Time
10:35   2nd Period Starts
11:20   Class Change
11:30    3rd Period Starts
12:15   Lunch
1:00    4th Period (optional)

Cost by Semester

Price 1st Semester (Two 6-week Terms)   

  • $50 One-Time Non-refundable
    Registration Fee*
    (See discount section)

  • $180 1st Semester Tuition Pre-K and older for a family with 1-4 children. 

  • $20 each additional child after 4, Pre-K and older (max family tuition $220)
    (Example: Family of 5 students would cost $200)


Price 2nd Semester (Two 6-week Terms)

  • $150 2nd Semester Families for Re-enrolling

  • $10 each additional child after 4, Pre-K
    and older (max family tuition $180)
    (Example: Family of 6 students would
    cost $170)



*Volunteer Lead Teachers receive

  1. $25 tuition fee deduction for the semester.

  2. One additional Absence allotment



Pre-K - 8th (with some Highschool un-accredited electives offered through the year)

Core Subjects:

  • Art, Music/Choir, Writing, Drama/Dance, Cooking, Bible

  • Additional Subjects (Based on Teacher availability): Stem, apologetics, Instrumental, Communications, Science, Math, Language, History, Geography, Agriculture


EVERY THURSDAY of the week.

Fall Semester 2022:
September 8 - December 8th, 2022
Fall Break: October 20th, 2022

Spring Semester 2023:
January 26th - April 27th, 2023
Spring Break: March 9th, 2023

Registration Period
June 1st- August 1st

1st Semester Class Registration and Tuition Due:
August 11th, 2022

2nd Semester Class Registration and Tuition Due: January 5th, 2023

Additional Info

We average 80 to 90 children. If spots will be posted when there are availability.

We are a brand new co-op with a fairly different structure and focus than most. Being a start-up we are not sure yet all the costs we will incur. We want to limit the financial stress on families with endless fundraisers and a-la-carte pricing. We have set our pricing at what we believe will achieve this freedom with our families.

Being a Religious Non-Profit Co-op, No individual will receive payment for their services in the co-op. Special  paid guest teachers may be brought in from outside our co-op for a specific specialty course.

High functioning learning challenges are embraced in our community. Our heart is to reach all children to the best of our abilities and resources and are praying through how to achieve this! Please pray with us!

We are a community Co-op and all pitch in to cover needs in the co-op day. This could look like teaching, assisting, cleaning, nursery care, and so much more. We are so thankful to have this community opportunity that we can’t wait to be an active part of the body! Many of our class offerings will be predicated by our members willingness to participate. If you already know that you do not want to be involved much, please look for other co-ops that are structured more as a private school model.

In this co-op we will be all hands on deck, and can’t wait for the beautiful friendships that this type of atmosphere will provide! Our lead teachers are offered a $25 discount per semester and an extra absence.  Typically our members love to be at co-op and only have to miss with emergencies or sickness.

Family Requirements

(1 Corinthians 12:12-27):

  • Volunteer for all periods

  • Stay on Campus from 9am to Noon,
    unless children taking elective classes

  • Submit to Basic Background Check (similar to Sunday School workers)

  • Submit Declaration of Christian Beliefs

  • Submit Signed Code of Conduct Form

  • Strive to miss no more than one class per 6 week period (we know sickness is unforeseeable and we get it, we're parents too). We do not want you to come sick!

Virus/Weather Care

We believe in Freedom of choice as is directed for citizens per the constitution of the United States. This freedom allows you to participate how you feel comfortable. We will be cleaning areas regularly but not excessively. We will treat our co-op like the grocery store or church: We are unable to guarantee a germ-free area and your presence means you accept all risks of exposure as if you were grocery shopping, visiting the park or going to the doctors office. If there is a virus circulating excessively we may call off classes. We will follow Sevier County Schools on weather cancellations.


We expect members to take personal responsibility if a member of their family is sick, to be considerate of the group and stay home until they are well. We love you and look forward to healthy hugs later =)

Non-profit & Expenses

We will be an incorporated religious non-profit, our board and members are non-paid volunteers.

What does your tuition cover:

  • Office Supplies like paper, printer, ink etc.

  • Security Applications for member safety like lanyards or fobs and a check-in system.

  • Cleaning supplies for each day.

  • Utilities and facility rental

  • Website fees

  • Parties that we throw for members throughout the year like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc.

  • Class supplies (this is most of it!)

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